Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ahhh That Time of Year Again

Killing time and cans at the Westwater put in.
The spring daffodils, tulips and bees are rising from their winter slumber.

Skis are being storage waxed, tools and screws are being packed away.

Mountain bikes, cams, rafts and running shorts are being dusted off and plans for all of these are being hatched.

And as of 9pm M.S.T. I will be leaving the safety net of full time employment. Needless to say I am extraordinarily stoked to be hitting the road again with van loads of potential adventures just around the corner!

While saving up some pennies for whatever lies ahead I'm happy to announce that there have been some stellar weekend warrior style adventures, including but not limited to:
- I have had the great opportunity to shoot a short on backcountry ski blading that is currently in the editing process that with the help of Probar, Osprey Packs, Flylow and Todd Babos would not have been possible.
- A most ballin' rafting trip down Westwater just a few weeks ago.
- A couple of awesome days spent climbing towers in the desert with Jon.
- As well as climbing splitters and replacing anchors in the Creek with Taryn.
- Nearly forty days of skiing, with only two of which were powered with lift tickets and the majority spent in the back country. Unfortunately many not on the new powder skis.
- Quality conversations with a couple doctors on how best to deal with a torn meniscus.
- A Valentines hut trip.
- Ice climbing in Ouray.

Stay tuned for more updates and adventures. Get sneak peaks on the instagram: skiwithscissors.

Ya that's a BB gun, NBD. Photo by Taryn Pearce

Safety third when it comes to a lunch salad!

We got T-boned by a bunch of motorized rafts...

Yes that drill bit is necessary.

Pile o' gear.

Makes you wonder what the FA was thinking.

Dinner time in Creek Pasture.