Thursday, March 26, 2015

6 Tips From a Dirtbag on Finances

Whether you’re currently living the dream, chasing storms, avoiding them or dreaming to do so and in either scenario find yourself underfunded and dreaming of a lottery win. Well these tips won’t equate to a lotto win and you can keep dreaming on that point but these certainly will keep a healthy sum of cash on hand.

  1. Winter time van stoke. Photo by Natalie Noakes
    I cannot reiterate this enough. Know the difference between wants and needs. This will save you more money than you realize if you just ask yourself before big and small purchases alike if you need it or you want it. A new rope because yours is raggedy and has been in the field for years is a need despite it being a rope. Buying a bag of organic kale chips because you’re a bit peckish is a want, do those exist?
  2. Never pay retail when you do need to make purchases. There are a gajillion sites out there that will help you on this mission. They sometimes require a bit of patience but they pay off can be awesome. To name a few: Steep and cheap, chain love, left lane sports, the clymb and sierra trading post. Few things will drain your bank account faster than a new pair of full priced skis, a mountain bike at retail or a rack of cams from REI.
  3. Accept free things (embrace the freegan lifestyle). Whether things are given from dumpsters, friendship or in exchange for services say yes. Unless they won’t fit in your vehicle they can be of immediate or later use, they can be sold off or bartered with later.
  4. Learn as much about vehicular maintenance as possible. What sounds better, $50 for an oil change or $20 knowing you did it right (on most vehicles they’re dead easy) and saved $30? Breakdowns are costly and it’s better to head them off with regular maintenance for cheap when done yourself.
  5. Post photo shoot coffee.
    Photo by Dan Holz
    Live for free. Whether it’s rent, hotels or camping costs, spend the extra ten minutes to try and figure out they might be avoided. I figure, conservatively, over the past three years I have avoided many of these and saved easily $5,500!
  6. Pay for experiences that last, Forbes agrees. Buy a board game instead of a movie ticket, a plane ticket instead of a new T.V. I guarantee that the memories and relationships formed through the game or trip will far outlast those of the movie or T.V.!
  7. Be positive and enthusiastic, good things will come.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Story of a Backcountry Underdog: Ski Blades

My first published blog is up on Osprey's site:

Working on some follow-up stories so stay tuned!

In the mean time here are a few photos not on the Osprey site!
Photo by Todd Babos

Full moon skin up West Buttermilk. Photo by Nat Noakes

Grace working her 360 Daffy on Smuggler Mtn.

Checkin' out the Smuggler moms on the way down the mountain.