Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick post from Durango

Hey folks, I just assumed you (who ever might be reading this hoo-ha) are eagerly awaitng the next installment of my momentarily uneventful life.

Quick update, after getting snowed away from Vedauwoo (sp?) I cruised back to Boulder for a bit of mountain biking and some socializing and then went back to Rifle as I was hungry for another serving of humble pie which, thanks to Kevin and Liesel I was served a healthy portion of. Valuable lessons learned that parallel those of Zombieland include limbering up...and not on something ridiculously hard, don't forget the beer and most importantly look good always.

I'm now kicking it in Durango with the old roomies and co. doing more mountain biking and if partners are available perhaps even some climbing. Some van fine tuning has also occurred (pictures maybe to follow) so that I'll be all ready to toodle on over to California in a few days.

I was going to include a video of Kevin sending Pinchfest but it was going to take over 3 hours to upload so instead I wish you all the best of luck using your imagination to picture what that was like :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Schloobing Along: The advanture begins.

After cruising out of Durango, a few days of relaxed and confused climbing without a guide book in Unaweep
Canyon, a beautiful canyon a few miles outside of Grand Junction stacked with tons of pretty rad granite buttresses and sandstone boulders were just what the doctor called for. With minimal 'gnar' and maximum laying in the sun and drinking some barley pops as well as the inevitable contemplation of my own awesomeness and obnoxiousness and how there is some potential correlation, Jane and I came up to Glenwood to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle and a bunch of friends in the area. We cruised over to Rifle Canyon a world renowned sport climbing destination and a place I'd never been before.
Thankfully I'd packed my pie pan and fork and an appetite for humble pie. After climbing for two days I felt down right worked and plum tuckered out. Still not 1000% inspired by this sport climbing ho-ha but it certainly is fun and I reckon it'll getcha strong. Now to sort out my summer work in Costa Rica/Belize/San Fran and who knows where else!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here are the final pictures of the van (minus bedding and bike). There will be a bit of tidying a downsizing as  time progresses as I have a number of textbooks that I still need to get rid of as well as more books than I rightly need as might be obvious in some of the pictures (1 1/2 shelves and 1/2 of the blue rubbermaid are full of books). Atleast I won't lack for quality reading materials! Now to head North along the Western slope to climb in Unaweep and Escalante Canyons south of Grand Junction and to hopefully meet up with friends and family in Glenwood/Carbondale to climb and mountain bike in Rifle and the surrounding area. Part one of this adventure is about to commence. As my now ex-roommate John put it, "It's the end of a dynasty, The Mountain Palace is on it's last ditch stand against the attack of the "real world." Although the Palace may fall it's inhabitants will continue their fight against this formidable enemy through: living in vans and cars; making money living outside; escaping the grid for weeks at a time; making music; and to all who resist the temptation of grown up jobs! Fight on my Mountain Palace"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Van in its Original State

So here are the pictures before any modifications for those that requested them. The van did come with the bed/storage in the back as well as a marine battery, insulation, paneling, stickers, a sweet reading light and a straw mat/rear blinds. After picking the van up in Ridgeway I got to really break it in going over Red Mountain, Coal Bank and Molas Passes in white out conditions as the sun faded. Ahh Colorado in May. After getting home and showing it off just a tad I rested up for the next day. That story and pictures are to come in an upcoming episode.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can I kick it?

Dear Diary. Is that what this is...a public diary? Not sure how this whole blogging hoo ha works so if this is too mundane or needs fixing let me know and I'll do what I can to play to the tune of the crowd. In the mean time I'll continue to people watch in DIA while waiting for another delayed flight on my way to Durango.