Friday, March 4, 2016

Quick update and photo dump

While most of these pictures are already on Facebook or Instagram for folks that have neither or want a refresher here's a blast from the past. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately I've been super busy since well I finished work in August and began bolting in Redstone, then moving to the Creek for 7 weeks took up some time and when heading to Thailand and Laos for another 6 1/2 weeks occurred I continued to not update this. Then I got back to Aspen and Glenwood and began having the best ski days of my life for another 6ish weeks and well now it's desert season so I find my self making increasingly frequent trips out there to climb! Needless to say I'm psyched!
Crack Wars Anchor Replacement Mission

Summit of the Rectory

Airbag fun

Sometimes you crash snowmobiles.

Onsight attempt of Fairy Tales 5.13-

Sunrise in Marble, CO

Final summit of a nice long ridge traverse ending on Ant Peak

Most of the ridge we traversed.
Castleton in all it's glory