Monday, June 22, 2015

Quivers for All!

Coloradans love their quivers, there is no questioning that; you can talk to just about any active local Coloradan and many of the folks that have moved here and are blending in, what their favorite ski, bike, climbing shoes, fill in the gear blank. You'll likely receive a response something along the lines of "Well...for_____? Or ________? I've got my powder, rock, resort, backcountry, nordic, skate etc. skis for all those different conditions (or lack of), or downhill, crosscountry, cruiser, road bikes...or slab, offwidth, thin crack, sport, all day, climbing shoes."  
Photo by Elliot Bernhagen
I realized this morning while driving from a local bouldering area to scout out a new fly fishing area, before swimming some laps and going for a mountain bike ride with my uncle, that I have quivers for my quiver of sports. Yes, I have a problem and I'm not trying to solve it at the moment, as the more that I considered it I began to consider that this might be the key to dealing with unexpected variances in weather, energy levels, availability of partners etc. This spring has been rainy and full of work and so climbing has been side lined in favor of fly fishing and a bit of mountain biking. When weather has been better and partners more abundant, I climb. It's been awesome because it means that instead of wallowing in a coffee shop while it rains I still get outside (I do also acknowledge that here in the west I've been spoiled by the 330+ days of sun each year). 
Not stellar ski conditions? Try ski blading!
Photo by Todd Babos
The downside of course to all of this is those dolla billz, and finding ways to fund all of these experiences and passions. I find that I am constantly turning down more sports because I lack the room in the van for a kayak or surf board and because those funds are better spent on refining my current quivers. Growing up I always thought of myself having a summer activity and a winter activity and that was my quiver. I find it's not quite so simple any more with the fair and foul weather outdoor pursuits for every season...but eight sports isn't so many right? 

How many sports are in your quiver? Why? Which would you like to add?

Perfect temps in a nice weather window on Moonlight Buttress in Zion N.P.
Photo by Derek Chang
Great weather on a ski tour in the Elk Mountains.
Photo by Todd Babos