Sunday, October 19, 2014

So Much Driving!

In the last week I have crossed through 5 states, gone surfing outside of L.A., had the opportunity to explore new mountain biking with a good friend (the morning after celebrating his birthday) as well as over 3000' of climbing in Nevada and Utah... and earning paychecks from two different companies! This is just a sample of he past month, all of the travel, work and play has been made possible with the support of friends, relatives and strangers alike, countless hours of podcasts, soooo much stoke, a reliable vehicle, almost enough coffee. I am psyched to have had the opportunity to be surrounded by such awesome folks that make a life of adventure and prolonged travel not just possible but a pleasure. The fact that I have learned so much, seen so much and done so little (relatively speaking) just feeds the fire even more as it's just the tip of the iceberg!

Is this sustainable? No.

Rolling in to the Creek just in time for a massive rain storm to join me.
I am exhausted and psyched to spend a couple days regrouping and playing in Durango before heading out to the desert to recharge for the next month. Some people might be able to maintain the pace of new places, new people and long days everyday for months on end but I struggle after about 6 weeks of my only rest days being the long days spent driving from one place to another. I think if there are more consistencies life on the road can be easier, for example if you're traveling with the same core group and have them to support you and for you to support, or if you're in the same location where you can put down roots (a campground in the desert :-)) etc. but to have to be constantly meeting new people and packing and unpacking can be tough and loses it's charm after a while. Again, as I've said before the strength of the outdoor community is unbelievable and seems to be omnipresent which makes so much of this worthwhile! 

This season in the desert, as always, I am psyched to develop new routes, hopefully send some projects, update questionable anchors, drink beer, laugh, continue to develop my tan in anticipation of beach season 2015 and generally have a blast. After all of this I'll return to Aspen for the winter and additional character building in the van for the winter. Oh and skiing, lots of skiing...goal for the winter is 50 days in the back country, if you're in the area lets get out after it!

A dolphin off the bow while sailing off of Dana Point

A delightful sunset while driving up to Santa Barbara

A most delicious peach courtesy of Katie & Brendon!

Changing colors on Grand Mesa outside of Grand Junction, CO

Somewhere along I-70
Rolling into Joshua Tree only a bit late due to LA traffic
and my navigational skillz

Looking out from Joshua Tree and into the Mojave