Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here are the final pictures of the van (minus bedding and bike). There will be a bit of tidying a downsizing as  time progresses as I have a number of textbooks that I still need to get rid of as well as more books than I rightly need as might be obvious in some of the pictures (1 1/2 shelves and 1/2 of the blue rubbermaid are full of books). Atleast I won't lack for quality reading materials! Now to head North along the Western slope to climb in Unaweep and Escalante Canyons south of Grand Junction and to hopefully meet up with friends and family in Glenwood/Carbondale to climb and mountain bike in Rifle and the surrounding area. Part one of this adventure is about to commence. As my now ex-roommate John put it, "It's the end of a dynasty, The Mountain Palace is on it's last ditch stand against the attack of the "real world." Although the Palace may fall it's inhabitants will continue their fight against this formidable enemy through: living in vans and cars; making money living outside; escaping the grid for weeks at a time; making music; and to all who resist the temptation of grown up jobs! Fight on my Mountain Palace"


  1. You made good time fixing up and moving into your new home! Looks like a lot of fun. Wish I had tried that for a little while after college.

    You may want to make the roof top carrier a little less desirable looking to discourage someone from getting ideas while you are out on a "walk about".

    Have fun- Uncle Andrew

    PS. Love the hood ornament!

  2. I may think you are insane for living in a van but it is also really cool! You are the strangest and most interesting brother ever! Good luck on your journeys in 'The Dragon' and call home occasionally, Mom worries...a lot.


    ps. Love that Melvin is still riding up front on your journeys and that you're dragon has a head!

  3. I live in a van as well, and I'm inspired by your layout. I'm still chained to a grown up job, but I sleep in the parking lots around the building to avoid daily traffic and still see my family on the weekends. It seems strange that we never question, as a society, why each person or family must have their own resource-intensive house and must travel resource-intensive distances to 'work'. Keep on being a rebel, I'll be admiring.